Alex has over twenty years' experience teaching piano, organ, music theory, harmony & counterpoint, and composition from beginner to postgraduate level. While many pupils enjoy learning for its own sake, others have gone on to study at universities and conservatoires in the UK and abroad. Whatever the reason for learning, achieving successes lesson by lesson is an exhilarating journey which pupil and teacher can enjoy together.

As an organist, Alex has been profoundly influenced by playing sensitive mechanical action instruments, and his organ teaching reflects his experiences in this area and his own studies with John Wellingham. Studies begin with simple exercises to allow fingers, hands and feet to gain total control of the way keys are played and released. Once this is achieved, increasingly complex repertoire is tackled to introduce the principles of phrasing and articulation that underpin musicianship at the organ.

Two principles guide all of his teaching: 1) establishing a sound technique/posture, and 2) developing understanding of the processes which lie behind the notes on the page. How this applies to each pupil is tailored to their specific needs and presented in a carefully paced and logical order.

Alex is also available to lead workshops, lectures and study days on subjects related to organ technique, interpretation, repertoire, and composition.

If you would like to discuss arranging lessons or workshops with Alex, please send him a message.

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